Never-ending Sunset
Late night

So here i am at, at an IHOP. Enjoying my time here with some friends. Honestly its loud but who cares, i love it. Most of my friends are drunk or very buzzed but hey its how everyone truthfully communicates. Drunken minds speak sober thoughts. But now it is time to eat. So dig up and enjoy. Goodnight to everyone.

For some reason when i close my eyes i can picture myself in a different world and this song is just my song that signifies “here comes Edgar”.

New Freeletics Journey

So I have decided to finally take my health seriously. I have watched myself fade back to the weight I used to be before I went on my first weight loss. What weight is that you ask? It is 254 pounds to be exact. Now I have let myself become distracted by going out and drinking to an excess extent. I have also seen myself over eat at times and just go flat out balls to the walls with take out food as well. There is nothing wrong but, I simply am over doing it. I from here on take my lifestyle, not diet, seriously. I shall as well give up and do away with alcohol for a good long while. I must get back to building better habits of my choices and what I want for myself. In the end, I am doing this for me and for no one else. I have taken a workout regimine that I saw that fasinated me. It was called Freeletics. I loved that is strickly all bodyweight exercises. Afterall, we must master of our own body. I have seen some of the transformations from others. I must say I am impressed by the overall dedication it takes. Which is what drew me into signing up for it. So I am to begin my journey into a better and stronger and healthier lifestyle.

Hey guys hope you enjoy and listen in to my latest podcast!!


its no secret. when it comes to “live” performance of EDM… that’s about the most it seems you can do anyway. It’s not about performance art, its not about talent either (really its not) In fact, let me do you and the rest of the EDM world button pushers who fuckin hate me for telling you how it…

Randomplicity … .YESS it’s a word

Waking up and doing the same routine has kinda become the norm … … . .it’s safe and keeps us in a box or (for you half full or half empty ppl) outside the box .… . .everyday we all should just try one thing that is completely different… … .why …cause it’s fun, cause it might lead us to something we possibly could fall in love… …take an example from me… . .I went to go party with my friends at our island instead of our hometown for a night and it wound up being something totally amazing … .first off me going into a strange environment like that I completely did not know anybody else other than the friends I came with … .so with that being said I had to step out of my box and totally socialize for the night … . .I’m not going to lie… . .that’s not my thing to go up to girls and socialize and dance with them … .it’s rare for me … . .so I decided for randomplicity’s sake, I would have a go at it … . .man did that become an awesome decision for me … .I ended up dancing with all these random girls that I barely met the first time… . .can you say score… . Lol. .… .any who … Also decided to be a wingman for a friend of mine … .epic fail on his part cause the girls and yes girls(more than one) were all into him like You could not even know … .so I filled in the gap and danced with them… .and yes guys, 3 is better than 1… . .talk about coming out of the norm … . .my norm at least… …talk about of RANDOMPLICITY!!!!!!!

Such Peaceful Serenity!!! Makes one want to escape and dive into an unexplored journey of oneself.

Such Peaceful Serenity!!! Makes one want to escape and dive into an unexplored journey of oneself.

Welcome to my Sunset Paradise podcast!!!! :)


Music….Music is the streamline to relieve any and all stress in life.  We incorporate music into our lives to sense the mood we are in. 

Light shines through me…

Light shines through me…